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*Our mediation services are an extension of counselling called conflict resolution. Any advice given or assistance with forms is an act of counselling and care/support,
and is not legal advice.

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Who are you mediating for?

What are you fighting for?

Your marriage?

Your family?

Future generations?


Mediation: Intercession, assisted intervention in order to encourage negotiation, allow for mutual value, time and space, bring resolution to specific issues and/or restoration to entire relationships.


Conflicts and disputes are difficult. When you cannot make unified decisions, and there are arguments and fights when you try and talk it out, when communication is not working, professional mediation is an effective method to create a safe and "mutually valued" space for discussions to be had and decisions to be made.


What does "mutually valued" mean? Mutually valued is a term we use to ensure that each person in mediation has equal rights and opportunity to speak, to be heard, and to enter into the decision-making process.


FAMILY CONFLICTS: Are family conflicts affecting your family? Conflicts between family members can be resolved and understanding can be brought to both parties! We work with individuals, couples, children/teens, adult children and parents, siblings, and entire families. We can help you find peace and resolve.

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What does the mediation process look like? The mediation process with Okanagan Christian Mediation brings a professional third-party into your conversations and decisions to assist in the journey. It begins with an exchange of information from one or all parties so that the mediator sets the expectations for communication and process, and can be caught up on the case at hand. From there, appointments will be set. Each person (separately and together) will have access to the mediator; in some cases, a secure online message board may be assigned through which all communication will be exchanged. Each case is considered individually, and safeguarding, rules, expectations, and levels of communication responsibility are decided by the mediator as are required.


What is the cost of mediation? Costs for mediation with Okanagan Christian Mediation start at $180 plus gst per hour for processes with two people; costs may be higher for processes that include 3 or more people (please inquire for specifics). Hourly charges include document/communication reading, document/communication writing/responding, all appointments, and all phone calls, emails and texts. Every piece of communication creates a paper trail and is valuable to the process, and we take great care to maintain a high level of integrity and accuracy to every word spoken and written.


* Our services are covered under most insurance, and can be covered through Autism Funding under "Family Counselling". Please inquire if you wish to utilitize your Autism Funding toward some or all of your mediation costs, as there is some preparatory paperwork to be initialized beforehand.


Day, evening and weekend appointments are available, as well as telephone, text, email Zoom and Skype appointments, and mobile/travel appointments.  


Clinic location (by appointment only) is: 229, 1889 Springfield Road, Kelowna BC V1Y 5V5 (same building as Bibles for Missions thrift store, Bell, Bulk Foods and Jen's Consignment; our office faces Trinity Church so if you come in a second floor access door on that side, it is closest to our office).


*Our mediation services are an extension of counselling called conflict resolution. Any advice given or assistance with forms is an act of counselling and care/support, and is not legal advice.


* Use of our service, requiring communication, reports and counsel, constitutes agreement to fulfill payment agreements (made verbally, by text, by email, or by messaging).


* Cancellation Policy: We require 48 hours cancellation of appointments; otherwise you will be charged $150 plus gst as a cancellation fee which be required to be paid before a next appointment can be booked.



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